Pillars Of Islam

The most important Muslim practices are the Five Pillars of Islam.
The Five Pillars of Islam are the five obligations that every Muslim must satisfy in order to live a good and responsible life according to Islam.
The Five Pillars consist of:
» Shahadah : sincerely reciting the Muslim profession of faith
» Salat : performing ritual prayers in the proper way five times each day
» Zakat : paying an alms (or charity) tax to benefit the poor and the needy
» Sawm : fasting during the month of Ramadan
» Hajj : pilgrimage to Mecca

Madrasa Islamia Shakapur

      It is a grand bestowal of Allah on his slaves that he revealed his Holy Quran on the world. It is a great obligation of the Prophet Muhammad (Saw) that he conveyed each and every letter of it to his Ummahinspite of strong opposition of the enemies of Allah. He taught Sahabah and they taught tabe’in and this way the process of transferring it continued. It is a further grace of Allah that He has taken Himself the responsibility of preservation of Al-Quran. Otherwise it was impossible for human beings to protect it. Allah says: “I have descended the Holy Quran and I will protect it”(Surah Hijr : 9) Thus when Allah is the protector and caretaker of this holy Quran then who has power to distort it. However, it is also a fact that Allah has made His slaves having faith in them save it.

Merits &Demarits of the Syllabi of Madrasas

      The only demerit of the syllabi of madrasas is that they do not get any appreciation from the government. It is just a difference of one’s approach to take it as a merit or demerit.
My honest opinion is that it is not a demerit of the syllabi rather a merit of it. The syllabi of the governmental institutions of education are benefiting thousands of people to make them able to earn money. Where a few people are inclined to learn their religion through the syllabi of madrasas so that they get success in the life hereafter.
If the proposed syllabi of the government are adopted in Deeni madrasas, as a result of which thousands of people even after getting higher degrees from the governmental institutes are wandering in search of jobs, students of the Madrasas will surely lose the opportunity to learn their religion as well as their livelihood.
It is therefore, advisable to leave these madrasas in their state and not to disturb them. Now those who are keen to receive governmental amenities are hereby suggested to go and join modern educational institutes. To change the essence of these madrasas on the line of modern educational institutes will be an impardonable crime of the history.

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